February Tips and Tricks

Our support team have dipped into their pool of knowledge to make your Phoenix experience that much more efficient

Tips & Tricks

Searching in Reports

Have you ever needed to find a particular transaction? Phoenix provides a ‘search’ option in the Transaction List report.

When you have selected the View: Transaction List, Account: All Accounts Possible, Period: Widen the period out where possible, Enterprise: All Enterprises, Group: All Groups, Options: Any you require under the Search Drop down you have more search criteria that you can use.

The Search Field drop down shows a search can be generated for many different criteria.

The search can also be generated for more than 1 search criteria. For Example, I have chosen to search on the from/Paid To field for the name ‘Elders’. Then for any transaction date that is equal to or greater (>=) ‘01/01/2015’.

If you need to run the search monthly or would like to save the search, simply type a Name in the name field and it will save the search so that it can be used again.

Right Click Options

Then using Reports there are some options available in each of the drop downs which may assist with generating your reports more effectively. For example, the right click options Account are: Select All, Unselect All & Cashflow Accounts Only.

All drop downs Account, Period, Enterprise, Category & Group all provide some easily accessed options using Right Click.

Shortcut Keys for moving the Period (green bar)

Using the Period ‘green bar’ can at times be a little fiddly. We have shortcut keys in Phoenix for lots of functions. The shortcut keys for the Period bar in Reports are Ctrl + Left & Right Arrow and Alt + Left & Right Arrow.

To use the shortcut keys, you must click on the Green Period Bar showing at the bottom. This will Highlight the Months in Yellow. Once these are highlighted the shortcut keys below will work:

Left Side of the Bar = Ctrl + Left & Right Arrow

Right Side of the Bar = Alt + Left & Right Arrow


tip for BANK FEED requests

Be sure to put on your authorisation form the identical information that you have requested within Phoenix otherwise the bank feed implementation will fail.