Grazing Best Management Practices

Are graziers communicating with or speaking at consumers? Our industry relies heavily on science and economics to defend practices, when neither can answer questions of ethics. Grazing BMP has established a set of excellent environmental and ethical standards to support our existing systems.

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First Published 21 Apr 2015

What is Grazing BMP?

The Grazing BMP program is a voluntary, industry led process which is designed to help graziers identify improved practices which can help improve the long term profitability of your enterprise. Over time it will also allow the grazing industry to demonstrate good environmental and animal welfare practices to the wider community.

The Grazing BMP is a modular system that will fine tune your business performance. The five modules are:

  1. Animal Health and Welfare 
  2. Animal Production
  3. Grazing Land Management
  4. People and Business
  5. Soil Health

Completing all five modules allows you to undertake a strategic health check of all your business practices. Grazing BMP has been designed to provide opportunities for industry input, demonstrate good stewardship and most importantly, show industry can be self-regulated.

To find out more about Grazing BMP, visit their website or call 07 3238 6042.

Don't allow others to tell your story, join Grazing BMP and become a united voice of factual truth.