Phoenix Customer Stories - Joy Paech of Callington S.A.

PODCAST - Joy Paech of Inglebrae Holdings, Callington "Do things right the first time, so you do not have bigger problems down the track"

Phoenix Customer Stories Podcast Show Notes:

Guest: Joy Paech (Callington S.A.)

Joy Paech of Inglebrae Holdings has farms at Callington and Palmer, with a total of 5500 hectares of dryland cropping, mainly cereals, canola, field peas, lupins and some domestic oaten hay. They also run about 3000 sheep. 

They are exploring how they can bring the sons, Tyson and Steen, into the farm business record keeping and analysis.   Joy makes use of the Rural Women's Group to keep herself informed and occasionally calls upon help from Phoenix Partner; Nikki Hannaford (Hannaball Rural Computing Services).


1. Positive times for sheep seller

2. Self-sufficiency avoids buy-in problems

3. Callington, South Australia

4. Palmer, South Australia

5. Hannaball Rural Computing Services

6. Phoenix Power Budgets

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