Phoenix Customer Stories - Peter Doyle of Ballimore NSW

PODCAST - Peter Doyle has worked in Ag all his life and is someone who questions the status quo. His goal is to be a sustainable farmer who can minimise his use of chemicals and use natural inputs where possible to improve the country under his control.

Phoenix Customer Stories Podcast Show Notes:

Guest: Peter Doyle (Ballimore N.S.W.)

Peter Doyle is a mixed farmer who verges on the side of certified organic but has never pursued certification.  He is responding to the consumer market who wants to know the story behind the product, but he also wants to hand over the property in a better condition to that which he received it in.

Peter also runs a business called Future Ag that works with the farmer to implement animal and soil health solutions using natural and biological systems for small to large scale producers.

His partner Sharon, in her spare time (cough), makes a very popular black sauce similar to Worcestershire that you can order online or pick up at field days or markets when they are there.


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