Phoenix Customer Stories - Phil Gardiner of Moora W.A.

PODCAST - Phil Gardiner has an extraordinary life. He lives by the rule; with hard work, profits fall out the bottom if the business strategy and implementation is sound. Take 30 minutes to get to know Phil. He has done so many things, yet farming is his passion.

Phoenix Customer Stories Podcast Show Notes:

Guest: Phil Gardiner (Moora W.A.)

Phil Gardiner takes time out from his busy schedule to talk with Stephen about some of his farming enterprises.  They talk about the successes, and the failures. Phil has ventured into biodiesel, mustard, beef, sheep, wool, pastures, crops, hay, politics, corporate business.  He has not dodged the difficult topics and has been willing to give things a go if they made sense to do so.

Phil uses Phoenix Financial and Power Budgets to manage the financial aspects of all of these farming enterprises.  He subscribes to the Signature Support Plan and has a strong opinion on the value of the support provided by the AGDATA team.  He uses another product for his production recording that requires pedigree recording for his Edale Merino Stud.

Content Correction: During the discussion about biodiesel Phil refers to oil when he actually meant diesel.


1. Hon Philip Gardiner MLC (Member for Agricultural Region) Inaugural Speech 16 June 2009.

2. The University of Western Australia Industry Advisory Board

3. Moora, Western Australia

4. Kalbarri, Western Australia

5. Buy West, Eat Best

6. Whittingtons Mustard

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