farm management software for your computer

Phoenix Desktop is AGDATA's local installation of our financial and farm management solutions.
This means that the software and data all reside on your computer. 

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Why Choose Phoenix Desktop?

Desktop is the right solution for working offline and in areas with poor internet connection. 

Phoenix Desktop comes with the same great modules and services as Phoenix Live, such as: 

  • Financial modules that form a complete financial management system
  • Production modules that form a comprehensive farm management suite
  • Quality support and training
  • Access to our secure off-site data storage facility
  • Single solution provider for financials, budgeting and production software

If you are unsure whether Phoenix Desktop is for you, contact us to find out. 


Your installation of Phoenix is covered by a simple and easy to manage monthly subscription fee. You will have access to product updates and quality support from the AGDATA team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of internet connection do I need to use Phoenix Desktop?

Although you do not need high speed internet to use Phoenix Desktop, you will require internet access to enjoy some of the key benefits of an Ag Industry Specific software package such as Phoenix, including: 

  • License activation
  • Program updates
  • Accessing direct bank feeds
  • Receiving automatic updates for tax office fuel tax credit rates
  • Electronic Funds Transfers
  • Mapping feeds and imagery
  • Email from within Phoenix
  • Access to the Phoenix Warehouse
  • Access to the NLIS database for Livestock
Can I call for assistance with Phoenix Desktop?

Many software companies only provide FAQs on their website. Our clients feel that it's the understanding and support that they receive that is our key point of difference. We are accessible during business hours via telephone and email.

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Can I access Phoenix Desktop from any computer operating system?

Yes, Phoenix Desktop will work on both Windows Computers and Apple MAC Computers. While Phoenix is not directly compatible with the MAC OSX Operating System, we do have many users now converted to and happily running Phoenix on an Apple system.

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