To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. – Winston Churchill

What is included with my subscription?
  • 12 months use of the software
  • Unlimited tech support *
  • Unlimited sets of books on Phoenix Desktop subscriptions
  • All updates and upgrades as they occur
  • Access to 3rd party integrations such as Bank feeds or some Spatial Data Library features **
  • Regular webinars and online training courses
  • Phoenix Warehouse
  • Monthly eNewsletter with Phoenix tips and tricks

* Please familiarise yourself with the Fair Use Policy

** Extra charges may apply depending on the service provider

What happens to older versions of Phoenix?

With Phoenix 8, you will only be able to continue using those versions until that version becomes unsupportable through changes in technology.

Support for Phoenix V7 ends on the 28th of February 2021.

Support for Phoenix V6 ended on the 31st of October 2017.

Support for Phoenix V5 ended on the 19th of December 2014.

What happens if I don’t upgrade?

Deep technical support for those who remain on older versions will no longer be available. Your older version will continue to work, however you will no longer be able to obtain a copy of that version when you upgrade your computer. (Modern hardware and old software is never a good outcome in our experience). No new activation codes will be issued. You won’t be able to deactivate and re-activate unless you still have access to the old computer. If the old computer crashes with Phoenix still activated we won’t be able to deactivate for you once support ends.

Why the move to subscription?

Significant ongoing investment is needed to provide many of the 3rd party services required in todays version of Phoenix.  Therefore, a single one off perpetual payment is no longer viable for us to remain a sustainable business servicing your needs into the future.

Does this mean I have to go to the cloud (Phoenix Live)?

No.  There are 3 subscriptions available.

  • The locally installed desktop version
  • The cloud based option (Phoenix Live)
  • & the Phoenix Professional Partner (Accountants, Bookkeepers and Consultants).

We know that many of our customers live in marginal internet areas so we will continue well into the future with the locally installed version of Phoenix.

What happens to the NFP's benefiting from the Phoenix Community Involvement Program?

You will continue to receive the software along the same arrangements that you currently enjoy.  If your community group currently gets the software for free, this will continue.  If your group are paying a discounted rate, the subscription rate will be discounted in a similar way.

What benefits do I get moving to subscription?

You get to choose a monthly or annual fee payment schedule.  These fees are tax deductible business expenses.  Rather than getting an upgrade bill in the mail you will now have more predictable software costs.

You will also get access to new features as soon as they are beta tested.  Your accountant will no longer have to keep multiple versions of Phoenix to service clients on older versions.  Everyone is on the same page.  Phoenix Live, locally installed Phoenix and your accountants.  Our support team will be able to be more efficient because they will only need to be familiar with the latest version.

What happens if I stop subscribing to Phoenix

If you choose to cease paying your subscription there will be a brief grace period where you can continue using Phoenix as normal however you will lose the ability to print any reports or add any new transactions.  Effectively, you will have a deactivated copy of Phoenix.

How much is a subscription and what are the payment options?

Subscriptions are available for monthly or annual payment.

The subscription cost will depend on a number of things. For the locally installed version, the price is based upon:

  • the number of modules you have
  • the number of licences you have (how many computers you have it installed on.)
  • whether you are paying annually or monthly
  • the number of bank feed transactions occurring. 

For example:

For someone using just the one financial module the subscription starts out at as little as $44 per month.

Phoenix Live subscriptions will remain the same as per the Phoenix Live calculator.

How does this effect Phoenix Live users?

It has no bearing on Phoenix Live users.  We advised all of our customers so that there was a general awareness of this significant change coming to our business model. There have been some instances in the past where individual customers on Phoenix Live need to move to the desktop solution when their local internet service declined in quality.  For this reason, you would need to know you would be moving to a locally installed version of Phoenix that is paid for via the subscription payment methods that you are already familiar with.