Connectivity Issues

The farm office has rapidly evolved over the past decade. The internet age has opened several doors but the technology has dragged its feet especially for those who are regionally based.

Tech Tips

Carrier networks have grown substantially and new technologies have been implemented which opens doors that were previously closed for on farm offices and their connectivity options. Through the use of the latest carrier supplied modem technologies running on the new 700Mhz Band we can achieve connectivity and excellent speeds both download and upload with reliability. Through the use of Wireless Links we can now have the modem situated at the best location for the best signal then send internet farm wide. Some farm offices can now experience much better internet speeds than businesses running ADSL.
When implementing this technology it is recommended to seek professional advice. A lot of things can be overlooked if you are trying to achieve connectivity yourself and cause a lot of frustration which is not ideal when running a farm business. Some issues faced that have been highlighted in the past are; locking modems onto a single band for a carrier which prevents the auto feature in the modem from switching from one band to another causing stop/start of the internet connection. Use of a high gain direction antenna and mounting location to prevent switching from one mobile tower to another. Switching to a higher quality modem with greater output and receiver sensitivity can achieve a better quality internet connection. Use of indoor mobile phone repeaters and splitting of the external antenna to give the internal modem a physical antenna connection is a more robust solution than running the modem through the repeater with no antenna connection. This connectivity option also gives you business continuity, if the repeater fails for any reason, your internet connection is still live.
We tend to heavily rely on technology these days and not enough small businesses put any thought into business continuity or disaster management. Through careful initial planning, these points can be taken into consideration when designing your best on farm connectivity.
Goondiwindi Communications offers a Communications Consultancy Service which includes Basic and Advanced Site Surveys without the need of being on site on all available networks and carriers. We can advise the best possible equipment available to achieve the best signal which results in the best connectivity possible. We are a service based company and a leader in this technology. We supply advice and equipment Australia wide.
Trent Murray, Manager/Technician, Goondiwindi Communications                       Ph: 0746 713 641