Support continues to be provided via triaged email with outbound telephone calls

COVID19 – Support Arrangements Update

The Queensland Government continues to encourage employers where possible to keep their team working from home to protect them and stop the spread of COVID-19.  Having reviewed the COVID Safe Checklist, we would fall short on being able to protect our team due to the limitations that our existing building infrastructure allows for.  As such we will continue to work from home until the government health officials relax the COVID-19 measures required.

As with many of the unexpected positives that have come out of this pandemic, we have been forced to work in new ways. This brought to light some room for improvement in our existing support arrangements and as a result, clients are now experiencing a fairer system resulting in quicker support turn arounds.

We have also made available a new online help system that will be incorporated into Phoenix 10 which is in its final beta testing phase. Previously the support team would need to direct you to the appropriate section of the help section of the program. Now, they can send you the link that gives you the information you need without the need for you to do the searching. Or, better yet, a link to an explanatory video.

We understand that there are some clients who would prefer to just pick up the phone and talk to someone. The reality is that previously, you would have been placed on a call-back list where one of the team would have called you back. Now we get more insight into your requirements via email and ensure the best person responds and is prepared with the appropriate knowledge/skills. You still get to talk to a real person in many cases and in most instances the turnaround is much faster.

Until the Queensland Government relaxes things, we will need to continue as we have been since March. We appreciate your patience and will keep you informed as things continue to evolve.