Dianne's Tips

Keep all of your data upgraded. Not just your current dataset. You may need that old data down the track.

Don’t Forget Your History

Some people are excited about moving to a newer version of Phoenix or getting a new computer, some face technological change with trepidation and delay it for as long as possible.  No matter which end or part of the spectrum you fit into, don’t forget when you upgrade to a newer version, or change computers there will be historical records you need to take with you.

We all use our computers differently, and have different personal and business circumstances but one thing which is common is that over time we will probably have more than one Phoenix data set.  Business structures change resulting in the need to start a new Phoenix set of books.  Some people like to archive their old data from time to time, for a variety of reasons, and continue with trimmed down, tidy current data.  Just a few accountants suggest their clients start a new set of books every fiscal year. 

What ever the reason for having more than one set of books in Phoenix, it is important to remember those old data sets are part of our financial history and are very important.  They should be looked after in the same way our current data is.  When we change computers, we should ensure those data sets come across to the new computer, even if it is just to open them in Phoenix on the new computer and do a fresh backup.  Similarly, when we upgrade our Phoenix software, we shouldn’t just upgrade any current data sets, we should also upgrade any old or archived data sets as well and do a backup of them in the updated version.  As with any backup, make sure you have more than one copy and one of them is in a different location to your computer and your regular backups.