Digital Taskforce

It was great to be able to represent the needs of Regional Australia, Agriculture and Small Business at this meeting with Mark Bouris (Shark Tank and a strong advocate for advancing Small Business) and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

A seat at the table

Since winning the 2016 Regional Online Hero award, AGDATA Australia has been involved in various government initiatives and recently our Managing Director flew to Sydney to take part in a workshop to come up with a plan to get more small businesses taking up digital technologies to improve their business.

Others at the meeting included; NAB, Paypal, MYOB, Intuit, Xero, Microsoft, Squirrel Street, BasWare, MessageXchange, SquareUp, Telstra, Mastercard, Amazon, Google, ForgeRock, eBay, HotwireGlobal, Suncorp, Yellow Brick Road, BGA Digital and the Honorable Minister Craig Laundy MP.

It could be pretty fair to say that AGDATA was probably the only 'small' business in the room and apart from Su McCluskey (who sits on the Taskforce Committee) probably the only regional business represented. 

Although a small number of the Ag industry see their involvement as a lifestyle choice, the majority of our clients are very business focused, wanting to get the best outcomes from their involvement and investment in the industry.  We wanted to make sure your needs were represented at this workshop.

In the photo below; AGDATA Aust. Managing Director, Glenn Skerman (left) with Nathan Turley of Bendigo Bank at the Small Business Digital Taskforce.

Glenn Skerman - AGDATA Managing Director