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In Australia, when it comes to farming you need an farm accounting software package that can keep up with your processes. But does such software exist, and what does it look like?

Why industry specific financial software is important IN aG

When it comes to accounting, agriculture is a business like no other.

No man-made commodity gives birth. No phone, television or car starts at one age, size and value and naturally transforms into a different product.

To effectively manage the books in a farming business, you therefore need bookkeeping software for farmers that can keep up with your operations, and works within your processes.

This is easy to say, but what does this farm accounting software actually look like?

AGDATA has farm accounting software that is comprehensive and easy to use, making it the ideal bookkeeping software for farmers.

Good farm accounting software is only as good as the support behind it.


1. Effective cash flow budgeting

A common source of frustration for farmers when it comes to accounting software is the lack of effective cash flow budgeting tools. Many of the traditional products may talk the talk, but are light on functionality when it comes to putting these mechanisms into practice.

An Ag specific program should be built on the physical operations that occur on a farm. For example, a pastoral farm needs a budgeting model that understands a schedule of the number of different classes of livestock that you have, and the changes to buying and selling that in turn impact cash flow.

Bookkeeping software for farmers

AGDATA's Phoenix financial product makes budget creation simple and straightforward, year after year. As most annual budgets have elements in common with previous years, the software lets you carry forward some elements, while giving you the flexibility to update others to align with changes to your business. This means you don't have to start from scratch every time you create a budget. 


2. Enterprise-level analysis

Seeing the big picture is good, but accounting software that allows farmers to combine a holistic view with more specific insights is better.

By viewing figures on an enterprise by enterprise level basis, primary producers can see which areas of their business are the most profitable, and where they need to put their energy.

However, this functionality can go beyond reviewing monetary incomings and outgoings. With AGDATA's Livestock module you can take the same enterprise approach and assess physical quantities - for example, on a beef farm there's the opportunity to look at production on a per head of livestock basis, or per kilogram of meat produced.

Through integrating the financial elements of the software with production modules such as Cropping, you can also gain insights into areas such as crop location and activity to send as reports to your agronomist, or for auditing purposes.

The information you can glean from this enterprise level analysis allows you to establish precise growth margins, as well as participate in independent benchmarking groups. Phoenix Financial products are the ideal bookkeeping software for farmers.

Farm management software lets you take control of your property.

AGDATA's software products allow you to review your business on an enterprise by enterprise basis.


3. Ease of use

With so many other demands on your time, your farm accounting software needs to be instinctive and functional.

There are two important elements to this:

  • Connectivity: In many parts of rural Australia access to the internet is limited or nonexistent. That is why at AGDATA we've developed both cloud-based and desktop-based versions of our software, so wherever you are you can get through your accounts efficiently, and get back to the work at hand.
  • Streamlined: Integrating everything you need into one consolidated product will save you time. Instead of manually entering the same data on multiple occasions, well-thought farm accounting software will allow for a seamless flow between modules.

For farm business manager and owner Andrew Sevil, the user-friendly nature of AGDATA's Phoenix Payroll powered by KeyPay is key: "Previously, I was using a different payroll software, and the difference is stark. The embedding of KeyPay (Phoenix Payroll) into the Phoenix Financial Pro is so much more advanced and intuitive...it's an outstanding package".

With many Australian farms employing temporary backpacker staff, the product allows business owners to implement employee self-setup. You only need to enter contact information, and then the software lets your employees do the rest. They can input their Tax File Number (TFN), superannuation and other bank details, and keep this all up-to-date. This means you spend less time chasing down and entering data.

The accompanying mobile app also allows your employees to care of their schedules. They can enter their hours worked for your approval, then the software auto-totals this information, and shows how much each individual should be paid in a given cycle.

AGDATA's support is convenient and thorough.

Farmers using AGDATA software can rely on personalised and thorough support from our expert team.


4. Support, support, support

Good farm accounting software is only as good as the support behind it.

You need to be confident that you're fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to get the most out of your product, and overcome any problems you may have.

However, in the Ag industry, it can be nearly impossible to leave your farm for any significant periods of time, especially if you live far from large centres. That's why we've developed three alternatives that allow you to get the training you need, without leaving your farm:

  1. Online training - As well as tutorial videos, you can participate in sessions with our team who can help answer any questions you have.
  2. Phone support - You can also talk directly with experienced AGDATA staff on the phone during Queensland business hours.
  3. Regional training - Want us to come to you? By contacting us, you can request the AGDATA team visits you or notifies you when they're in a nearby town. 

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Every year, our expert staff provide group and one-on-one training to as many as 2,500 people in Australia ensuring their Phoenix software is working to make their lives easier. For more information on farm accounting software, or to trial one for yourself, get in touch with AGDATA Australia today.