Farm Mapping Saves

You know your property like the back of your hand, so why do you need mapping software? Well, as this article shows, it could save you some serious money.

How Accurate Farm Mapping software can save you money

Your farmland is always evolving.

To keep up, you need mapping software that provides real time insights, but doesn't require a degree in computer science to operate. 

That's where AGDATA's Phoenix Mapping product comes in. Our fully GIS-enabled package was designed specifically for primary producers, with a range of features that make it perfectly suited for farmers working on all types of terrain.

However, while you may have heard the term 'farm mapping software' bandied around, it's not always obvious how these products can translate into dollar savings. So let's take a look.

AGDATA has farm accounting software that is comprehensive and easy to use.

Accurate farm mapping software lets you develop your property effectively.


1. Property planning made easy

Property planning is painfully time consuming, and each decision can have significant financial impacts. 

This is a prime example of where accurate farm mapping software can easily save your business money.

For example, imagine installing or redeveloping a water reticulation system. While previously many farmers would simply use line-of-sight when running pipes around their properties, detailed insights gained from surface-distance calculations in mapping software permit more informed decision-making.

The 3D capabilities of Phoenix Mapping allow you to account for how elevation impacts the water pressure required to effectively supply water to different areas of your farm. A simple click of a button shows you the static water pressure and metres of head of a given pipe - allowing you to position water sources strategically. Where upland areas are involved this can allow you to use a lower grade of pipe than you perhaps thought was possible, creating savings that can run into the tens of thousands. 

Having the ability to run multiple what-if scenarios for the same decision gives you ultimate control in finding the solution that best suits you. Using easily downloadable GPS points, you can then go into the field and deploy your pre-designed water reticulation system with confidence. 

AGDATA has farm accounting software that is comprehensive and easy to use.

Phoenix Mapping enables you to monitor your land use practices

2. Optimised land use

With detailed mapping software, precision farming can be extended to land use practices on a paddock-by-paddock basis.

This is particularly relevant due to two current trends in Australian farming:

  1. Rotational grazing: Paddocks are being divided differently as more farmers move towards rotational grazing. Knowing the relative productivity of each area is therefore key to ensuring these rotations are effective.
  2. Dividing properties based on land type: Rather than paddocks with differing soil types, where animals would intensively graze certain areas and leave others comparatively untouched, farmers are recognising the value in creating divisions based on land properties.

Phoenix Mapping integrates with other modules, including Livestock, allowing you an easy overview of how you're using different areas of your farm. For example, instead of unwieldy and complex grazing charts you can import data from Livestock that will thematically colour your property maps based on how you're using them. 

This can show you:

  • Recovery periods: This is crucial for pasture renovation decisions, and ensures you're giving sufficient time for your land to recover.
  • Animal loading: Which paddocks are receiving the heaviest livestock footfall.
  • Productivity: Which pastures are presenting your livestock with the best grazing opportunities.

With all of this information at your fingertips, you can make decisions that will benefit the productivity of your business, and as a result your bottom line. 

AGDATA has farm accounting software that is comprehensive and easy to use.

Real time imagery lets you keep up to date with changes in legislation in your state.


3. Staying up to date

If your mapping package doesn't provide the most up to date information, you risk falling foul of changes to land laws in your state.

For example, legislation surrounding tree clearing in Queensland is constantly changing, and land owners are required to abide by state-derived vegetation maps when renovating their properties. Not having current information isn't a defence if you're prosecuted

This is why the spatial data library built into Phoenix Mapping pulls maps from a variety of sources including federal and state governments. As the software automatically updates you know that you're always looking at the most current plans, helping you to stay compliant and avoid costly mistakes. 


4. Saving time

The most powerful farm software packages are no good at all if they aren't intuitive.

This is especially true of a mapping product where, following the completion of a property plan, a significant amount of time may elapse before you use it again. This is why Phoenix Mapping is backed up by comprehensive support. This comes in two forms:

  • Calling our team: AGDATA is known for its personalised product trouble-shooting, and we encourage those 30 second clarification calls - 'Can I do X' or 'How do I achieve Y'.  
  • Quickfire tutorials: We've created videos that deal with individual queries, for example 'how do I download GPS points?'. These short tutorials can be played as you work, providing easy points of reference that allow you to get the most from your product.

No two businesses or properties are the same, so a one size fits all approach to farm mapping software is destined to fail. The range of features in Phoenix Mapping makes it as relevant to a dairy farmer in New South Wales as it is to fruit businesses in the Northern Territory.

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In all instances, however, the result is the same - more informed decision making that translates into savings for your business. For more information, or to trial our products, get in touch with AGDATA today.