Gmail from Phoenix

If you have troubles sending from Phoenix using your Gmail account, we have some solutions for you


Gmail problem solving

Initial Setup

To set Gmail up as the email application to use when emailing reports, invoices, backups etc. from Phoenix follow these simple steps:

  • In the Phoenix Suite window (the first window which opens in your Phoenix set of books, before selecting Financial or another module) select Tools/Options.
  • In the Options window select the Send Emails tab. 
  • Select Gmail.
  • Confirm the details.
  • Select More Settings.
  • Check the details there and click OK.
  • Click Ok in the Options window to confirm your choice.
  • Select Tools/Options/Send Emails again and click on Test Email.

Phoenix Tools Options

 Phoenix Tools Options


If you get a message and the Test email can’t be sent, even though the message is in Phoenix, it isn’t Phoenix which is blocking the connection, it is Gmail due to restrictions by Google.


Important: Have Phoenix closed when going through the following steps.

Even if you have previously turned on the option to Allow Less Secure Apps in the Account Settings within Gmail, you may have to do this again.  If other apps have not connected to Gmail for a while, Google will turn off this option.  Below is a link to the Google Help advice and the Less Secure Apps information.

We have also found there is another step clients may have to take to have Gmail allow other programs to connect to it.  Below is a link which should allow you to make that change.  Once you Log in to your Google Account from the link, read the message and click Continue.

Check your Gmail inbox for emails from Google and confirm it was you who made the changes or connected from a device you haven't used before. When completed open Phoenix and your set of books.  In the Suite window again select Tools/Options and the Send Emails tab.  Click on Test Email.  You should be able to now send emails from Phoenix through Gmail.

We have also found that sometimes that ol' chestnut fix of restarting the computer after changing all these settings seems to make a difference for some clients.