Nelle Stevenson

Listen to the demonstration of the Podcast technology in action. Nelle Stevenson describes her Phoenix experiences.

Villamosa Cattle Co.

Nelle Stevenson whilst taking a break from the Blackwater Grazing BMP Expo joins Mark Leahy for a chat and describes her Phoenix experience.  

Listen to her experience here

We've been using Phoenix since 2002, because a lot of people had recommended it to me: My Brother and his wife had been using it in their business and other friends. I think you go to the people who you admire, who you think run their business well when you are selecting things like management software. I found it really simple to use. User friendly I suppose.

I'd learned the basics of accounting with other software but Phoenix just took it to the next level. It has really good training and that support has been there all along, with people who really know their stuff, they know their product inside and out.  They know what your problem is almost before you say it yourself really because they have so much experience with the product.

I haven't got to the bottom of it yet and I have been using it for 14 years now. There will be aspects of it that I use on a weekly or monthly basis. Some things or some parts of it you might only come back to when I need to use them.

Power Budgets, I found that a really powerful tool to use with cashflow planning and I am really happy with the results that I have had from it. I know that there is more there, as my management needs to manage data will expand possibly as our management style changes. I know it is all there waiting for me to access it.

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This is not the format of our planned Podcast series.  We would prefer to have a fireside chat about what you are trying to achieve for your farming business.  If you have any Phoenix tricks or tips you would like to share with other Phoenix users, this is a great way of doing it.