NLIS Compatibility - Phoenix Livestock

Bottom line - Phoenix Livestock is compatible with the NLIS database. Tracking an animal from its birth to its death is a standard part of a national quality and safety control system designed to ensure that we consume and export meat that is safe to eat.

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First published 21 Apr 2015

The NLIS compatibility built into Phoenix Livestock allows users to upload data to notify the NLIS Database, compare and reconcile against the NLIS Database and download purchased NLIS devices.

With Phoenix Livestock, you are able to track as many animals as you have on as many properties as you want with the ability to integrate electronic reading and weighing equipment. Phoenix Livestock also keeps an entire animal history to include treatments down to the batch number and date of manufacture.

Feed and weight history along with any tests (pregnancy tests, faecal NIRS) or activities (branding, castration, etc).

If you are trading cattle, using the NLIS compatibility of Phoenix you are able to quickly identify which properties cattle originate from that do well on your land and those that don't. One of our customers believes Phoenix Livestock has paid for itself over many times because of this information that he provides to his buyers.

Phoenix Livestock allows you to analyse breed, weight gain, feed conversion and fleece performance.  It also features a 'what if' analysis, allowing buyers and breeders to determine their best options when buying, selling or producing.  This analysis allows you to factor in certain costs when borrowing money to purchase more head or determine how much your cattle are worth at sale time.  Information recorded in Phoenix Livestock can give you accurate cost of production figures that allows you to determine your return on investment.

Integration with Phoenix Mapping, Grazing and Financials (Financial and Financial Pro) ensure you get a 360 degree view of your livestock enterprises.

Regular updates of the Phoenix Livestock program also makes it easier for you to keep up to date with any new NLIS requirements. Keeping up to date with new technology keeps your business efficient and informed.

If you need to access your information whilst away from the property, Phoenix Livestock isn't limited to the computer at home. Phoenix Live with the Livestock module enabled allows you to take the information with you. 

We recognise that mobility is important to you and as the internet services are slowly improving in regional Australia we are responding to this growing need with improved mobile tools that will link back to your Phoenix database. These mobile tools will be available soon.

Phoenix Livestock - Compatible, Compliant, Integrated, Simple to use.