Office Toolbox

There are some handy things on the Financials screen that we think may be going unnoticed

There are some handy things on the Financials screen that we think may be going unnoticed as you go flying by to dive into getting your transactions done. So, we thought we would take a moment to draw your attention to them.

The Office Screen

The Office Screen is the screen you will find on the right of the Financials Window and can optionally display a Management Snapshot and a Note Pad. This area is easily resized to suit your individual working style.

Category Actual Vrs Budget

In the Enter screen, or the Activity view for Customers or Suppliers, a graph shows you a comparison of the total value in actuals for the Category and Sub-category in the dissection selected in the entry screen vs the amount budgeted. Handy to know!

Management Snapshot

Well this is what we are all about isn’t it! Phoenix is a Farm Management Software that does a pretty good job of making sure you are tax compliant in the process. The Management Snapshot serves the same purpose as the Management Dashboard available in the Suite screen.

The Gadgets shown in the Management Snapshot are independent to those shown on the Phoenix Dashboard on the Suite screen. You can create a Management Snapshot in the Office screen, by clicking Options at the top of the Office screen and select Management Snapshot.

Some of the information available to you here includes the ability to:

  • Show closing balances for a reconciled account.
  • List all amounts owed by customers, starting from the largest amount.
  • List all outstanding customer invoices, starting from the earliest due.
  • List all amounts owed to suppliers, starting from the largest amount.
  • List all outstanding supplier invoices, starting from the earliest due.
  • Show animal class head counts.
  • List current available water supplies.
  • Show areas for current cropping seasons.
  • List consumable products and quantities held on farm.
  • Lists total quantities of on-farm stored produce.
  • Lists on-farm storages and their contents.

A helping hand to have at your fingertips!


We know how easy it is to get distracted from the book-work and how those little to-do lists can multiply across stock-agent notebooks, so we have included the Notepad into the Office Screen to try to simplify things a little for you.

The Phoenix Notepad allows you to store notes which can be easily accessed from within the Financials module. The Notepad can have many tabs in which you can store many notes. The Notepad can be visible while any of the entry or reconciliation screens are open. That is a helping hand when someone interrupts you with information you are waiting on but are halfway through a complex transaction. It will not get lost like that envelope you wrote it on last time will it?


In the toolbox you will find some handy financial calculation tools that don’t come with the advertising that you would get if you went searching for these tools on the internet. These tools include a loan calculator, an investment term deposit calculator, and a farm management deposit calculator. All nice to have on hand.


Finally, if that was not enough. We have also packed in there a standard calculator that is easily changed to a scientific calculator if you need one.

If anything, we hope next time you go into Phoenix you take a moment to look around the screen and see what is there available to you. You might be pleasantly surprised that the thing you have always wished for in your farm management software has already been provided.