On-Farm Chemical Security

Approximately 40,000 chemicals are approved for use in Australia. Of those 40,000 chemicals, 96 are identified as being chemicals of security concern because of their potential to be used by terrorists to make bombs or toxic weapons.

If you work with chemicals you have an important role to play in keeping Australia safe. Members of the Australian community can also help by being aware and reporting suspicious behaviour.


Compiled from Australian National Security Website
Chemical security involves all points in the supply chain. As a business that imports, manufactures, reformulates, repackages, transports or stores chemicals - you can play a crucial role in keeping Australia safe.
By assessing your business's risk and implementing security measures to reduce that risk, you can prevent your chemicals being used by terrorists.

What can I do to keep my chemicals safe?
The National Code of Practice for Chemicals of Security Concern contains practical information to help you assess your chemical security risk and also suggests security measures you can put in place to minimise risk.

The Australian National Security Website resources page contains information and videos you can download to raise awareness of chemical security in your workplace.

How do I report suspicious behaviour?

You are in the best position to identify and report suspicious behaviour involving your chemicals. Information provided to the National Security Hotline has contributed to major counter-terrorism investigations in Australia. The information you pass on may be the critical piece needed to complete a bigger picture.

Every piece of information helps, and you can remain anonymous.


AGDATA Australia, has a chemical inventory control system built into its Phoenix Cropping and Livestock modules that will help you keep track of your chemicals from delivery all the way to which paddock and/or activity with quantities used by whom.  An effective inventory control system is good business practice and will help you keep track of your costs.