Organics is easier with Phoenix

So you want to be an organic producer? Solid record keeping is vital. We can help.

Another one from the archives that we feel is worth a revisit
First published 13 Jan 2015

Record keeping is an underpinning requirement for any organic producer. This commences from day one with the application for organic certification.

The Certification Application

Mapping is an essential requirement for any Organic certification application. Some key elements for an application map are; establishing that the property area being certified matches the Lot Plan surveyed area, identifying distances from neighbouring enterprises that may jeopardise an organic certification, generating buffers or stand-offs from boundaries to mitigate possible contamination risks from neighbours as well as from potential on-farm contamination sites such as old cattle dips, easements or public access points through the property, etc.

The requirements of the maps for an application are easily achievable with Phoenix Mapping. A number of features are perfectly designed for auto generating key elements for the application. If you didn’t know better you would think Phoenix Mapping has been written for organic certification applications.

Without a GIS mapping tool, you will need to engage a consultant for this part of the process, incurring significant cost for on farm property mapping work, as they do not have your intimate knowledge of your property.

Record Keeping

It is imperative to maintain detailed records – even prior to certification.  Phoenix Livestock and Cropping, whilst providing detailed historical records and performance analysis, also doubles as excellent record keeping tools to meet audit and traceability type obligations.

A simple example of this is the inbuilt Inventory Management System. All consumables can be tracked down to specific batch numbers. 

An additional benefit to this is the integration between these two modules as well as the Mapping module. This is ideal for anyone running a mixed enterprise operation as it provides exceptional tracking of produce produced on farm and subsequently fed to animals. You have the traceability to guarantee organics through the entire system.

A final piece – and not necessarily directly organics related – is the ability to integrate directly into Phoenix financials providing a complete business solution for your new organic operation.

Click on the image above to see an example of a property map identifying some of the organic certification requirements such as common neighbours, prevailing wind direction and contamination risk areas using buffers.