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Phoenix Live Mobile - In the field. Android and iOS devices.

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Phoenix Live Mobile

The Phoenix Live mobile app, “Phoenix Live - in the Field” is, as its tag suggests it should be, in the field being early access tested by a small number of our clients. These selected clients are clients who we know will put it through rigorous field testing and give us constructive feedback so that we can continue to improve the product for you.

The clients testing the app will be testing it on Android and iOS mobile devices. You may find the app in the App stores but will not be able to log into it with any of your current passwords.

The Phoenix Live mobile app is an extension to the Phoenix Live suite. This means that to benefit from the app you will need to be using the Phoenix Live hosted cloud platform as it will not be able to communicate with the Desktop installation.

The mobile app will take you out of the office and be with you on the go. Even if this takes you beyond mobile coverage, an offline capability with auto sync has you covered. This mobile app continues the integration, versatility, and security our clients have come to expect from our agricultural specific products.

You already have the dedicated Payroll App: WorkZone, available to you that integrates with Phoenix Payroll. With Phoenix Live Mobile – In the Field, you will be able to manage your livestock (as individuals and mobs), access inventory for treatments, review your cropping season and storage (including water). You will also be able to review your outstanding customer and supplier invoices.

As our clients who are testing the app report any bugs they find, we are fixing them immediately. We expect to release the app to our Phoenix Live clients very soon. Thank you for your patience. We are extremely excited to be putting this new tool into your hands.