Phoenix Tips & Tricks

Recent upgrades to the Phoenix Farm Financial Management software allow improved EFT individual transaction matching in Phoenix 9.

EFT Batch Payments

After uploading an EFT batch for payment to multiple suppliers, some banks show the batch as a single transaction on your statement while others show the individual transactions which were included in the EFT batch.

In Version 8, you were unable to match multiple individual transactions in Phoenix to multiple Bank Transactions shown on your downloaded statement or from your Bank Feed.

In Version 9, we’ve improved the Bank Transactions feature to allow you to match individual EFT payments to individual Bank Transactions.

This feature works best for those of you who have your EFT payments listed as separate transactions on your bank statement, e.g. Rabobank customers.

Bank EFT Transactions

As you can see above, both transactions are part of the same batch (EV) but as the bank has reported them as separate transactions, Phoenix will allow you to match each one individually.

Matching them will remove them from the list and they will show in the Reconciliation screen as cleared and matched.