Phone Home

Phoenix Phone Home helps your software remain active and up to date.

Checking in

Phoenix Licencing has for many years had a 'phone home' requirement that allowed the software to check back with AGDATA looking for any updates available. This kept your software up to date with all the latest upgrades and updates (including Fuel Tax Credit rates). Many other software companies use this method, with Adobe Creative Suite being a significant example.

The Phoenix software is now a subscription service, and the 'phone home' performs more tasks that manage licence ownership and activation of the products in the Phoenix Farm Management suite. If the 'phone home' process is unsuccessful (not connected to the internet for a period of time) the software will revert to demo mode locking up various features until connection with the AGDATA servers and validation of your software licence is performed.

A common issue that we have noticed on the help desk is if you turn your computer on and open Phoenix immediately before your computer has had a chance to connect to the internet.  You will get a validation message and when this happens to you, simply close Phoenix, ensure you are connected to the internet and re-open Phoenix.  If you are still having problems contact us on 1800 500 400 and we will get you going again.

Below you will find validation messages that you may experience if your computer has been unable to connect to the internet for sometime.

Subscription Validation Validation Message