Professional Partner

Find out what a Phoenix Professional Partner is and how to find them.

Are you working with a Phoenix Professional Partner?

Over the past 3 months, many new Phoenix Professional Partners have joined the Partner Listing on the AGDATA website.  What is a Phoenix Professional Partner?  These are Accounting, Consulting and Bookkeeping professionals who understand the benefits of the Phoenix Financial and/or Production products. 

They will usually have Phoenix Advocates in their team with the ability and knowledge to work with the product and our clients.  The business will have invested in the product via a very cost-effective subscription and are provided with enough software to have Phoenix on every workstation/server in their office.  These Partners are afforded the same swift support benefits that all Phoenix subscribers enjoy.

Phoenix Professional Partners should not be divesting your right of software choice.  We do not incentivise them to sell or convert clients to Phoenix.  We believe the product should stand on its own merits by meeting the robust industry specific software needs of the farmer, which also lends itself very nicely to other industries.

How to navigate around the Partner Listing

As per the photo below, you can choose to see:

·        all Partners listed from A to Z,

·        all Partners in a state, or

·        all Partners in your location.

At the top of the page there are two drop down selectors.  Make no selection to review all the partners alphabetically. On the first selector, you can narrow the search to states and then on the second selector you can refine your search to your location.

Once you have selected a Partner to contact, you can visit their website by clicking on their business name, email them by clicking on the email address or if you are on a smart mobile phone, select their phone number from the listing and it will dial their number for you.

If the Partner has their own instance of Phoenix Live, which enables them access to your Phoenix Live without using your log in, that will be stated below their nominated Phoenix Advocates.

State Location Selector