Single Touch Payroll Decision Support

The ATO has given employers of 5 to 19 employees a grace period for Single Touch Payroll. Here are some handy links to help you understand the legislation, Phoenix Payroll and Phoenix Subscriptions.

Single Touch Payroll for farmers

There is a lot of panic and confusion surrounding the mandated Single Touch Payroll legislation. The ATO is giving you a grace period and have advised that you can start reporting any time from 1 July - 30 September 2019. 

Phoenix users contact us every day with questions, among those questions we're hearing most often at the moment relate to Phoenix Payroll and Phoenix Subscription.  To spare you from needing to ask the same questions, not that we wouldn't be overjoyed to hear from you, we've decided to answer them here.

Phoenix Payroll Frequently Asked Questions are answered here.

Phoenix Desktop Subscription Frequently Asked Questions are answered here.

If you want to know what features are available with each Financial product you can view the comparisons here.

If you want to know what is new in each version of Phoenix, that is available here.

Do you want a sneak peak at the supporting videos that we're busy creating prior to release of Phoenix Payroll? Peak here!

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