AGDATA Australia Updated Support Arrangements

All support is being managed by our team from their homes and will be triaged based upon the detail in the information that you provide here. Some support will be provided via email and some we will need to call you. We endeavour to maintain our high level of support. Our business goal is to respond to your request before the completion of business that day. Emails received late in the afternoon may need to be responded to early in the morning on the next business day.

If you are expecting to be away from the phone, please also advise in the comments field a period of time when you will be near your computer and available to take a call.

A reminder that our team are all working from their home and as such, some background noise along with family interruptions may occur. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.

Systems Status

All systems are functioning

All Phoenix systems are functioning.

We are not aware of any system issues.  If you are experiencing difficulties with Phoenix please email the team at

Common Questions Asked

Helping you with your Phoenix Subscription and Payroll decision?

There is a lot of panic and confusion surrounding the mandated Single Touch Payroll legislation. The ATO is giving you a grace period and have advised that you can start reporting any time from 1 July - 30 September 2019. 

Phoenix users contact us every day with questions, among those questions we're hearing most often at the moment relate to Phoenix Payroll and Phoenix Subscription.  To spare you from needing to ask the same questions, not that we wouldn't be overjoyed to hear from you, we've decided to answer them here.

Phoenix Payroll Frequently Asked Questions are answered here.

Phoenix Desktop Subscription Frequently Asked Questions are answered here.

If you want to know what features are available with each Financial product you can view the comparisons here.

If you want to know what is new in each version of Phoenix, that is available here.

Do you want a sneak peak at the supporting videos that we're busy creating prior to release of Phoenix Payroll? Peak here!

Where can I find more information about Single Touch Payroll (STP)?

We are busy embedding Keypay which is STP enabled into the Phoenix product suite.  For more information regarding STP itself, we recommend visiting the following ATO website to gain a better understanding of your legislative requirements and the process involved.

How do I update my Fuel Tax Credit rates?

Here is an easy to follow help note to help you get those FTC rates right.

I've got a new computer and I need the Phoenix Live Shortcut

We can help you out here. Click the link below and you will be up and running on your new computer soon.

How do I backup my data?

Watch this helpful video which will lead you through the process: Backing Up To Drive Tutorial

If you want to test your backup, we've got a video to guide you through this process too: Testing a Backup Tutorial

If the planets are not currently aligned for you but you're wise enough to have a backup that you want to restore from, follow the steps provided in this video that will take you through the restore process: Restoring From Drive Tutorial

Here are some help notes for those who can't watch videos due to their data drought:

How do I subscribe to the Phoenix Warehouse?

Here is an easy to follow help note to help you get started with the Phoenix Warehouse.

We've just purchased a new asset for the farm. How should I enter that into Phoenix?

Here is an easy to follow help note to help you get that new asset (tractor, harvester etc) into Phoenix Financial.

The 3D feature in Mapping requires that Microsoft Direct X 9.0c is installed on your computer. This is required even if you have a newer version of Direct X installed.

Video Tutorials and Webinar Recordings Link

Subscribers gain full access via the Phoenix Help tab within the software.

Phoenix Support Triage Arrangements

Free Support for Subscribers

Our clients tell us that it is the prompt, reliable service and support they receive that they value the most from their relationship with AGDATA.

From the time you subscribe to any of the Phoenix products, you will receive unlimited, free support available through telephone or email.

Phoenix Subscriptions maximise your farm profitability and you will reap more benefits from your investment in Phoenix software.

The Phoenix Subscriptions include:

  • Access to trusted support staff
  • Dedicated outbound support between 8.45 - 5.00pm Monday - Friday (Qld time, excluding public holidays)
  • Prompt turn-around of callbacks and emails
  • Inclusive software updates including major version upgrades
  • Secure direct bank feeds *
  • Tutorial videos and monthly webinars. These are best accessed via your Phoenix Help tab which will automatically give you keys to open all of the tutorials and webinars.

* Some banks charge extra fees which we will pass on to you.

Phoenix has outbound support and doesn’t charge subscribing customers for this support.