About Us

Who we are

Our Mission is to provide an end-to-end data management solution that maximises efficiency and profit for agricultural businesses across Australia.

For over 37 years, AGDATA has been the leader in Farm Management Software across rural and regional Australia.

Within today’s fast moving agricultural industry, producers need to be experts across every layer of their business, from the office to the paddock. From Payroll, to Mapping to Livestock management, Phoenix by AGDATA is an industry specific software solution to help farmers manage their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

AGDATA continues to grow with our clients and the ag industry as a whole, and we’re dedicated to the success of ag businesses all across the country.

What We Do

Our goal is to provide reliable and innovative financial and farm management software solutions, which has earned us the trust of thousands of clients over the years.

We have designed our software solutions to help farmers optimise farm financial and production activities. Our solutions let you plan, monitor and analyse all farm activities easily, helping you make the right decisions at the right time.

More specifically, our Phoenix Farm Management Software provides integrated:
1. Financial management solutions including cash flow management, budgeting, and payroll systems; and
2. Production management solutions including mapping services, livestock, crops and weather management modules.

Who We Serve

We serve farmers and producers who are looking to streamline their farm management practices. You are in the right place if you are looking to:

  1. Manage all your farm records, including farm finances, field records and inventory, in one place.
  2. Get real-time information on different farm operations, facilities or production units to make informed decisions to improve yield and profitability.
  3. Get a real-time overview of your farm’s overall performance to help you make the right decisions.
  4. Manage the overall financial health of your farm business.
  5. Boost your farm performance.

Our financial and farm management software is flexible, making it easy to scale to the farm size and business complexity.

Our Value Proposition is to provide financial and farm management software solutions that are:

  1. Designed for the agricultural industry.
  2. Integrated from financial and production solutions.
  3. Modular, so can easily be customised to meet your individual farm needs.
  4. Supported on both cloud and desktop installations.
  5. Supported by a local team of Phoenix technicians. 
  6. The market leader in innovative agricultural solutions.
  7. Cost-effective.

Our Values


Acting morally and ethically.


Accepting ownership of outcomes.

Customer Focused

Listening and learning.


Embracing progress and change.

The Beginning

It was 1984 and Lance and Jenny Skerman were running “Fairfields”, a beef cattle and broad acre farming property near Wandoan, in the Western Downs Region of QLD.

They were tired of trying to make mainstream accounting products work for their rural business, so they decided to make their own.

Coded on a Commodore 64, McTavish’s Cookie Jar was born and the Skerman’s started using it for their finances at “Fairfields”.

Word quickly got out.

When the neighbours caught wind of what was going on, everyone wanted to know about it, it was the first farmers had seen a computer do something practical, that was easy to understand.

So they decided to test the product for commercial release, and the tests were such a success that AGDATA Systems was formed.


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