Livestock Management Software Australia

Australia’s most comprehensive livestock management system that integrates with other modules in the Phoenix suite.

Record movements, feeds and treatments in the paddock with the Phoenix Live App, and use reports for compliance and better decision making.


Trading & Backgrounding



Livestock Management Software

Performance & Cost Analysis

Analyse performance and weight gains to develop a strong understanding of what drives performance and ultimately translate performance into dollars and cents.

Compliance & Audits

Simplify your operations auditing by recording treatments and WHPs to individual animals and record treatments to paddocks by combining Phoenix Cropping.

Individual Animal Identification

Record data for individual animals and assign individual IDs within specific mobs.

Livestock Reconciliation

Balance your numbers to know your livestock numbers based on deaths, births, sales etc.

Free weather tool

A bonus product when you subscribe to any Phoenix Production modules, the Phoenix weather tool is a simple, handy tool to record meaningful weather data across one or multiple properties.

Livestock App

Record in the Paddock

Record Movements, Treatments & Feed events on the go to avoid double handling data.

Inventory Tracking

Record products used and track data back into Phoenix Financials. This includes purchases, adjustments and transfers.

Unlimited Animals. Unlimited Properties

Move or split unlimited mobs or individual animals across unlimited paddocks and properties.

Offline Capture

Input data without being online or in service and it'll sync when you're back online.

Grazing Management Software

Data Driven Grazing Management

Make data driven decisions about carrying capacity, stocking schedules, grazing rotations and paddock recovery periods.

Grazing Management Reports

Easy to understand grazing charts, grazing benchmarks, grazing yields and performance data. Report on your choice of grazing units (DSE, AE, LSU, MJ or customise your own).

Rotational Grazing

Quantify pasture productivity and identify sustainable and effective grazing rotations.

Grazing Yield

See the weight animals have gained while grazing in particular paddocks over specified time periods.


Livestock Management Reports

Livestock Summary

Basic livestock reconciliation. Opening stock, plus purchases and births, less sales and deaths equals closing stock, by class.

Animal History

Complete or filtered history animal by animal. History includes: paddock movements, treatments, feeds, births, missing, stolen, found.


Weight gain performance over time for individual animals or summarised by animal class, breed, paddock, genetics, etc.

Grazing Chart

Graphically see the grazing load carried by each paddock over set times based on stock held.

Grazing Yield

See the weight animals have gained while grazing in particular paddocks over specified time periods.

Grazing Performance

Look at longer term trends in the grazing loads carried on the whole property.

Grazing Benchmark

Compare the grazing performance trends to previous history on the same land.

On Feed Performance

Report of animal performance and time in feedlotting environment.

Sales & Purchases

Report sales and purchases of livestock over time. This is an industry compliance report (LPA).


Summary or detailed list of where stock is / was on a specific date, across multiple paddocks and/or properties.

Location Exposure

Detailed list of stock that have had exposure to a given location over a specified time range.


Analyse wool yield and quality.

Fleece Comparative Analysis

Compare fleece across years, mobs and paddocks.


A list of animals that are still within a withholding period.


Total animal numbers factoring deaths and births.


Typically pregnancy tests but can be customised to include fleece attributes, faecal egg count, dentition, etc.

Treatments & Feeds

Record and analyse treatments and feeds to animals as groups or individuals.

Dry Animals

Animals who are not pregnant.


Track breeding lines of animals to highlight performance trends.

Birth Rates

Animals getting pregnant and giving birth.


Graze Smarter with Phoenix

Make more informed decisions with integrated data and reporting across the Phoenix suite.
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