Phoenix For Accountants, Consultants & Bookkeepers

From Financials to Production, Phoenix is an integrated software solution that allows you to go well beyond just compliance to add long-term value to your agribusiness clients.

Go Beyond Compliance

Tailored for Agribusiness

Local Support & Service

Support Your Agricultural Clients

Tailored for Agriculture

From fuel tax credits, flexible reporting periods and commodity & livestock taxation and reporting, Phoenix is made for Aussie farmers.

Multiple Licences

Access to as many Phoenix licenses as you need within the office to support your customers who own their own copies of Phoenix.

Unlimited Free Support

Phoenix Professional Partners receive an unlimited amount of high level support from our local support team.

Free Website Listing

We'll create a listing for your business location/s on our website for Phoenix users searching for Phoenix Partners.

Bank Feeds

Automate your clients bank statements to reduce errors and save time by avoiding manual data entry.

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A Powerful Ag Consulting Tool

Enterprise Analysis

Manage multiple enterprises by grouping income and expenditure to the production season for which they were attributed.

Fuel Tax Credits

Phoenix can automatically calculate the amount of Fuel Tax Credit claimable on fuel purchases and include it in BAS reporting.

Auto Complete Transactions

Phoenix Cash Book becomes familiar with regular transactions allowing you to auto complete entries without needing to create rule sets.

Renowned Farm Budgeting

Using flexible work tables to create multiple scenarios, Phoenix Budgets are renowned in the ag industry by lenders, brokers, consultants and accountants alike.

Detailed GST Auditing

Allows users to quickly and effectively audit GST returns to confirm the correct coding of transactions, making BAS audits a breeze.

Product Options

  • Desktop LITE
  • Desktop PRO
  • Live PRO
Desktop LITEDesktop PROLive PRO
AUD per month
AUD per month
AUD per month
Automatic Bank Feeds
Additional charges may apply depending on Financial Institution.
Phoenix File Library
Transaction Auto Complete
Import Bank Statements
Generate EFT Payments
Schedule Regular Transactions
Email Statements & Reports
Attach an image to a transaction
Track Multiple Enterprises
Cash based GST Reporting without Invoicing
Transaction Audit for GST Reporting
Phoenix Payroll Integration
Additional cost involved
Cash Sale Accounts
Generate and Email Invoices
Customisable Invoices & Statement Layouts
Linking & transfers between cashbook & trading accounts
Asset & Liability Accounts
Cash or Accrual based GST Reporting with Invoicing
Automatically notify suppliers when paid via EFT
Receipt Scanner App
Agricultural Specifics
Fuel Tax Credit Calculation
Able to Integrate with Phoenix Production
Livestock Trading Accounts - With Taxation and Management Reports
Commodity Trading Accounts
Seasonal Farm Enterprise Analysis
Farm Gross Margin Reports by Season
Provides for Group Comparative Analysis & Benchmarking
Cashflow Budgeting
Customisable Budget period up to 5 years
Load Actuals figures into Budgets
Load Projected Budgets – combine Actuals & Budget figures into a budget sheet
Merge two Budgets into one
Automatic Interest Rate Calculation
Budget using multiple accounts
Quickly edit a range of budget cells with the easy to use Factor tool
Export your Budget to PDF, CSV, or XLSX
Variable reporting period independent of Budget Period
GST Calculated and displayed Inclusive or Exclusive
Calculate the values in your Budget using Worktables
Plan out your season with the Use of Planning Tables
Utilise Multiple Sheets within a single budget
Budget to an Enterprise Level
Delivery Method
'Desktop' version is Installed on your local computer, whereas 'Live' version is cloud-hosted on AgData’s servers
Locally installed
Cloud hosted
Transaction List
Category Review
Account Statement
Reconciliation Summary
Reconciliation Statement
Trial Balance
Income & Expenditure
Profit & Loss
Budget Comparison
Net Worth
Actuals Report
Card File Report
Quantities Report
Projected Cashflow
Commodity Reports
Livestock Reports
Ratio Report
Enterprise Report
Price in AUD per month$33$49$59
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