Phoenix Cropping Software

A powerful Farm Cropping Software solution to simplify your crop planning and recording.

Combine with other Phoenix modules for a comprehensive farm management software solution which translates decisions into dollars and cents. Phoenix Cropping will allow you to make more strategic and data driven decisions to better manage your land.

Crop Production Recording

Seasonal & Performance Reporting

Crop Planning & Management

Crop Planning Software

Crop Planning

Create cropping plans with projected gross margins, break even yields and price and product requirements.

Crop Rotation Software

Record and analyse data about crop rotations to maximise future crop performance

Cultivation Management Software

Record activity history from paddock to paddock.

Safe & Secure Data Management

All Phoenix subscribers have access to online storage - Desktop users have access to Warehouse.

Free weather tool

A bonus product when you subscribe to any Phoenix Production modules, the Phoenix weather tool is a simple, handy tool to record meaningful weather data across one or multiple properties.

Crop Production Software

Crop Performance Analysis

Record crop production and develop a detailed understanding of inputs and outputs.

Inventory Management

Track cropping inventory and expenditure back into Phoenix Financials.

Digital Spray Record Sheets

Simplify your spray record keeping process with our digital chemical spray diary.

Technical Support

On top of a comprehensive library of guides and video tutorials, our local support team is here to help you work through any issues you may have.

Cropping Reports

Season Results

At the end of the season, this reports the entire season showing a summary, overall results and the performance of all crops.

Season Forecast

At the start of the season, this report forcases the anticipated season. Like the season Results, but looking forward not back.


Analyse crop production through statistics like Income, Expense, Gross Margin, Yield & Water use; across Location, Season, Crop type and Variety.


Reports the yield per Ha and total yield for the selected crops.

Gross Margin

Reports the calculation of the collective Gross Margin for the selected crops.

Gross Margin Analysis

Reports the calculation of the Gross Margin for the selected crops individually analysed by location, season, Crop Type or Variety.

Product Use

Reports product inventory use over time for specific locations, crops or products, and can anticipate future requirements.


Detailed history of activities ordered by location, season or date. Report can be filtered as required.


Reports the current stock and value of inventory, produce and water. Can be filtered by stock location.

Nutrient Application

Reports the nutrients applied by fertilizing various paddocks.


Reports any paddocks that have had products applied where that product has an applicable withholding period.


Reports soil test results, bug checks, issue sampling, water tests and more.

Water Harvesting

Reports water collection activities within a time period.

Insurance Declaration

Reports historic areas grown and yield achieved by crop type and variety.

Machinery Usage

Reports the usage and cost of that usage of each machine.


Records the hours and the value of those hours for individual staff.


Crop Smarter with Phoenix

Make more informed decisions with integrated data and reporting across the Phoenix suite.
One Package. Multiple integrations.

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