Phoenix Farming Production Suite

Farm Production Software designed for Aussie agriculture.




Farm Management Software

Performance & Cost Analysis

Analyse animal and crop performance to develop a strong understanding of what drives performance and ultimately translate performance into dollars and cents.

Compliance & Audits

Simplify your operations auditing by recording treatments and WHPs to individual animals and paddocks.

Inventory Management

Track cropping and livestock inventory and expenditure back into Phoenix Financials.

Rotational Grazing

Improve grazing management by quantifying pasture productivity to identify sustainable and effective grazing rotations.

Free weather tool

A bonus product when you subscribe to any Phoenix Production modules, the Phoenix weather tool is a simple, handy tool to record meaningful weather data across one or multiple properties.

Ag Software for Australian Farmers

Crop Planning & Management

Create cropping plans with projected gross margins, break even yields and price and product requirements, and record activity history from paddock to paddock.

Individual Animal Identification

Record data for individual animals and assign individual IDs within specific mobs.

Vegetation Mapping

Make better vegetation management decisions and protect vulnerable areas on your property by mapping and monitoring vegetation.

Infrastructure Planning & Water Reticulation

Use maps to plan infrastructure and accurately calculate areas and distances with 3D mapping to determine water pressure, as well as equipment required for infrastructure like fencing and irrigation.


Farm Smarter with Phoenix

Make more informed decisions with integrated data and reporting across the Phoenix suite.
One Package. Multiple integrations.

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