Phoenix Cash Book

Industry-specific cash book software to minimise bookwork and maximise productivity.

Phoenix Cash Book is a simple and intuitive double entry accounting solution designed specifically for agribusiness.

General Ledger

Manage GST and reconcile Customers + Suppliers & Assets + Liabilities across livestock and commodity accounts.

Reconcile & Report

Flexible reporting including Fuel Tax Credit calculations, enhanced ratio reports & farm gross margin reports.

Integrated Tools

Phoenix Cash Book integrates across budgeting, payroll and even our production modules, creating a seamless data collaboration.

A Cash Book for Farmers​

Tailored for Agriculture

From fuel tax credits to commodity and livestock taxation and reporting, Phoenix is made for Aussie farmers.

Transaction Audit for GST Reporting

Clearly identifies and calculates the GST compliance for ATO reporting.

Manage Multiple Businesses

Phoenix allows you to store and manage multiple sets of books with just one subscription.

Manage Farm Inventory

Integrate with the Livestock and/or Cropping modules to record the costs of farm inventory like chemical and feed.

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Bookwork Made Simple

Auto Complete Transactions

Phoenix Cash Book becomes familiar with regular transactions allowing you to auto complete entries without needing to create rule sets.

Live Bank Feeds

Live bank feeds are available through a direct integration of your account with most banks in Australia.

Fuel Tax Credits

Phoenix can automatically calculate the amount of Fuel Tax Credit claimable on fuel purchases and include it in BAS reporting.

Local Support

Our local support team understands agriculture and are here to help you work through any issues you may have.

Phoenix File Library

Receipt Scanner App

Have everyone across your organisation involved in capturing receipts and documents via the Phoenix Live app.

A Complete File Management Solution

Integrated end-to-end from the Phoenix Live App through to Phoenix Financials.

Link Receipts to Transactions

Effortlessly link receipts and documents to transactions to simplify your workflow.

Electronic Receipts

No more missing or faded receipts, or issuing threats of physical harm over missing paperwork...


Phoenix Bank Feeds

Product Options

  • Desktop LITE
  • Desktop PRO
  • Live PRO
Desktop LITEDesktop PROLive PRO
AUD per month
AUD per month
AUD per month
Automatic Bank Feeds
Additional charges may apply depending on Financial Institution.
Phoenix File Library
Transaction Auto Complete
Import Bank Statements
Generate EFT Payments
Schedule Regular Transactions
Email Statements & Reports
Attach an image to a transaction
Track Multiple Enterprises
Cash based GST Reporting without Invoicing
Transaction Audit for GST Reporting
Phoenix Payroll Integration
Additional cost involved
Cash Sale Accounts
Generate and Email Invoices
Customisable Invoices & Statement Layouts
Linking & transfers between cashbook & trading accounts
Asset & Liability Accounts
Cash or Accrual based GST Reporting with Invoicing
Automatically notify suppliers when paid via EFT
Receipt Scanner App
Agricultural Specifics
Fuel Tax Credit Calculation
Able to Integrate with Phoenix Production
Livestock Trading Accounts - With Taxation and Management Reports
Commodity Trading Accounts
Seasonal Farm Enterprise Analysis
Farm Gross Margin Reports by Season
Provides for Group Comparative Analysis & Benchmarking
Cashflow Budgeting
Customisable Budget period up to 5 years
Load Actuals figures into Budgets
Load Projected Budgets – combine Actuals & Budget figures into a budget sheet
Merge two Budgets into one
Automatic Interest Rate Calculation
Budget using multiple accounts
Quickly edit a range of budget cells with the easy to use Factor tool
Export your Budget to PDF, CSV, or XLSX
Variable reporting period independent of Budget Period
GST Calculated and displayed Inclusive or Exclusive
Calculate the values in your Budget using Worktables
Plan out your season with the Use of Planning Tables
Utilise Multiple Sheets within a single budget
Budget to an Enterprise Level
Delivery Method
'Desktop' version is Installed on your local computer, whereas 'Live' version is cloud-hosted on AgData’s servers
Locally installed
Cloud hosted
Transaction List
Category Review
Account Statement
Reconciliation Summary
Reconciliation Statement
Trial Balance
Income & Expenditure
Profit & Loss
Budget Comparison
Net Worth
Actuals Report
Card File Report
Quantities Report
Projected Cashflow
Commodity Reports
Livestock Reports
Ratio Report
Enterprise Report
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Financial Reports

Transaction List

A list of bank transactions from a business account. Searchable for payee, comments, date range, amount etc

Category Review

All transactions entered into specific categories Professionals call this the General Ledger - would be good to get those words in

Account Statement

Lists all transactions month-by-month, and account by account. With account balances

Reconciliation Summary

Lists for each reconciled account selected, and for the selected period, all period reconciliation totals. That is the Opening, Closing and Projected balances, Deposits, Withdrawals and uncleared Deposits and Withdrawals.

Reconciliation Statement

Lists all cleared transactions month by month, and account by account. Along with each transaction is printed a debit or credit amount and a balance.

Trial Balance

A Trial Balance is a report that is used to confirm that your income and expense entries balance with your account entries.

Income & Expenditure

Shows all income and expenditure broken up by category.

Profit & Loss

Gross profit and loss sustained by your business during the financial year.

Budget Comparison

Compare your actual figures versus those that you have budgeted for including quantities as well as dollars

Net Worth

Shows the cash at the bank, current assets and long-term assets at the top of the report, and moves to the current and long-term liabilities at the end of the report. Other systems call this Statement of position.

Actuals Report

View the actuals that have been entered into all accounts in Phoenix as a monthly cashflow

Ratio Report

A comparative-ratio analysis can help you identify and quantify your business’s strengths and weaknesses, evaluate its financial position and understand the risks you may be taking. Key word is KPI.

Card File Report

Stores important details like phone numbers and bank details of suppliers etc. can print mailing labels.

Quantities Report

Shows all of the transactions for selected categories showing the total quantity entered over the nominated period.

Projected Cashflow

Shows expected cashflow from a point in time assuming the budget is followed. - New report - I will have to research when this report was added.

Commodity Reports

Inventory reconciliation showing purchases, production (if applicable), sales and losses and Gross trading profit.

Livestock Reports

Livestock reconciliation showing purchases, natural increase, sales and deaths and Gross trading profit with either user assessed or statutory valuation.

Enterprise Report

The Enterprise report, groups income and expenditure to the production season for which they were attributed. The report is specifically designed for individual agricultural enterprises.

Financial Livestock Reports

Livestock trading Report

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Livestock Management Report

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Livestock Taxation Report

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