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Phoenix Live Shortcuts

The Shortcut to your clients data on Phoenix Live

Phoenix Live Connecting and Signing in Guide

Phoenix 10

Stand Alone / Terminal Services / Network Installation

Important: Phoenix 10.2 or later requires Microsoft WebView2 which, if not already installed, will be installed as part of the Phoenix installation process.  If WebView2 does not install you can manually install it using the Evergreen Bootstrapper from Microsoft (


Accountants running stand alone installations of Phoenix Version 10 are able to go to Help/Check for Updates in a latest Version 10 data set to download and install the small Fuel Tax Credit update file. Some whose security may block the download and installation of small files such as this, and those with a network installation or updates and upgrades managed by external IT technical support, may not have this option. To make it easier for those who need the latest Fuel Tax Credit rates (1 February 2022) in Phoenix we make that file available for direct download here.

Having downloaded the file, copy it to the location C:\ProgramData\AGDATA\Phoenix\10 and replace the existing file.


Phoenix Exporter


You may be able to use AGDATA’s Exporter program to transfer your clients Phoenix data to your accounting software. Using Phoenix Exporter, you record your chart of account codes for each of their Categories and Sub-categories. This “maps” your chart of accounts to their Categories and Sub-categories. You should then return the data that contains this “mapping” information in a file. Exporter has a Main menu option to allow you to copy the mapping file to disk.

  • Select the Load Accountants Codes from the Data pull down menu
  • Follow the on screen instructions.

When your client loads the file, it will automatically be included in their data backups, and will be available to you the next time they send you a backup copy of their data. The codes are also then visible against each sub-category in Category Setup and may be used for Trial Balance reports

Version 9

Stand Alone / Terminal Services / Network Installation

Phoenix Exporter

Helping Hand


Single left mouse click on the appropriate link above. You should then be presented with a window asking whether you want to Run the file or Save it.

Select to Save the file & save to a location where the file is easily accessible, such as your Desktop. 

Once the file has finished downloading simply find the file on your desktop & double click on it to initiate the installation.

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