Phoenix for Feedlotting

Maximise the productivity of your feedlotting operation through data driven decision making.

Phoenix Livestock has feedlotting specific capabilities designed for Australian feedlotting operations.

Weight Gains

Feed Performance

Simplify Auditing

Make Smarter Feedlotting Decisions

Performance Analysis

Record and analyse feed performance and weight gains while developing a strong understanding of what drives performance in your feedlot.

Cost of Production Analysis

Gain a detailed understanding of how your inputs translate into dollars and use real data to drive future decisions.

Inventory Management

Track feedlot inventory and expenditure back into Phoenix Financials and use Phoenix Budgets (Link) to plan for future growth and spending.

Compliance & Audits

Record treatments and WHPs to individual animals and record treatments to paddocks by combining Phoenix Cropping.

Free weather tool

A bonus product when you subscribe to any Phoenix Production modules, the Phoenix weather tool is a simple, handy tool to record meaningful weather data across one or multiple properties.

Understand Your Feedlot Through Data

NLIS Compatible

Compatible with all electronic tag and reading equipment on the market and connects with the NLIS Database to simplify NLIS electronic tag reconciliation.

Carcass Data

Turn your DEXA and processor kill sheet data into meaningful information and immediately see trait trends in what you’ve sent to the processor.

Unlimited Animals Across Unlimited Locations

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t charge more for larger numbers of animals or properties.

Record Lifetime Events & History

Record and analyse individual animal and mob movements, treatments, feeds, purchases, sales, births and deaths.

Feedlotting Reports

Livestock Summary

Basic livestock reconciliation. Opening stock, plus purchases and births, less sales and deaths equals closing stock, by class.

Animal History

Complete or filtered history animal by animal. History includes: paddock movements, treatments, feeds, births, missing, stolen, found.


Weight gain performance over time for individual animals or summarised by animal class, breed, paddock, genetics, etc.

On Feed Performance

Report of animal performance and time in feedlotting environment.

Sales & Purchases

Report sales and purchases of livestock over time. This is an industry compliance report (LPA).


Summary or detailed list of where stock is / was on a specific date, across multiple paddocks and/or properties.

Location Exposure

Detailed list of stock that have had exposure to given location over a specified time range.


A list of animals that are still within a withholding period from a product they have received or been exposed to.


Total animal numbers factoring deaths and births.


Typically pregnancy tests but can be customised to include fleece attributes, faecal egg count, dentition, etc.

Treatments & Feeds

Record and analyse treatments and feeds to animals as groups or individuals.

Livestock Reconciliation

Balance your numbers to know your livestock numbers based on deaths, births, sales etc.

Individual Animal Identification

Record data for individual animals and assign individual IDs within specific mobs.

Feedlot Smarter with Phoenix

Make more informed decisions with integrated data and reporting across the Phoenix suite.
One Package. Multiple integrations.

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