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If you are just getting started or maybe winding down and leaving the farm, Financial Lite is the ideal module for total control of your cash flow. A no nonsense platform that is easy to use for the management of your financial affairs. Experienced users will also find this module valuable and can convert to a full version of Financial or Financial Pro when ready.

Whilst less sophisticated, Financial Lite features these powerful features:

Cash based GST Financial Management System
Flexible Reporting including Fuel Tax Credit Calculations
Scales up easily as your farm business grows

Bank Feeds Available in Financial Lite

The Bank Feed functionality in Phoenix is designed to allow you to import transactions from your bank with minimal input.

Once the transactions have been imported there are simple tools you can use to match them against existing entries or add them as new transactions.

Bank Feeds are available in Phoenix Farm Management Financial Software

Subscription Pricing

Financial Lite is only available with the Desktop Installation of Phoenix.
For a live (cloud hosted) option, check out Financial Pro
Phoenix Farm Financial Lite Price


Per Month Subscription
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Prices in AUD including GST
Minimum of 12 months subscription
* Multiple product discounts available

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