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Farm Accounting Software you can relate to


Not many of us like to work on the books when there is plenty we could be doing on the farm

Phonenix Financial is designed to be easy to use and has a range of features designed to Reduce Bookwork Time so you can get on with what you would rather be doing. Unlike many accounting software packages, Financial is tailored for primary producers and integrates with our Budget Planner and other Production modules, Cropping, Livestock, Grazing, Mapping and Weather to manage all aspects of your operation.

Don't need to compromise, Financial is loaded with features and suitable for one person operations through to large scale corporates.
Financial, easy to use, reduces bookwork time, designed by farmers, specifically for farmers.

Flexible Reporting including Fuel Tax Credit Calculations
Reconciled, Customers & Suppliers, Assets & Liabilities, with Livestock & Commodity accounts
Extensive Budgeting System

Bank Feeds Available in Financial

The Bank Feed functionality in Phoenix is designed to allow you to import transactions from your bank with minimal input.

Once the transactions have been imported there are simple tools you can use to match them against existing entries or add them as new transactions.

Bank Feeds in Phoenix Farm Financial

Subscription Pricing

Phoenix Financial is only available with the Desktop Installation of Phoenix. For a Live (cloud hosted) option, check out Financial Pro
Phoenix Financial Price on the desktop


Per Month Subscription
Downloaded Version
Prices in AUD including GST
Minimum of 12 months subscription
* Multiple product discounts available

Livestock & Commodity Accts
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Who’s using Financial?

Amanda shares the business management benefits she experiences from using Phoenix.