Production Products

Phoenix solutions have been designed specifically for the agricultural industry and includes a range of ag production modules. These modules function together as an integrated farm management system that is both innovative and easy to use.

The production modules are designed to integrate with the Phoenix Financial management program, however all of the Phoenix modules can be operated independently if preferred - the choice is yours.

Our agricultural production solutions include software for Mapping, Livestock, Cropping and Grazing. We also offer a free Weather module with any of our other production modules. 

Farm Mapping


Mapping creates property maps for any given information types including property plans, vegetation maps, PMAV, paddocks, and more. Integration with GPS and other Phoenix products is also available. 

Livestock software


Livestock is a complete production recording and decision support system to manage your livestock operation. You will benefit from detailed recording of individual animal history to provide full traceability. Information can be collected from data collection devices including wands, panel readers, scale indicators and more. Grazing records, live weight performance and production performance are key features. 

Cropping Software


Cropping records production details with costs, income, gross margin, chemical, seed, production inventory and water storage calculations with graphs and QA compliant. 

Weather Recording Software


Weather is a free module when you purchase any other production module. This utility allows you to keep detailed weather records for your properties.