Crop planning, QA, Tasking & Reporting

Is managing your cropping records complex and time consuming? Are there some things that you would like to record but just run out of time? Is your business too important to rely on decisions made by gut instinct?

Cropping makes it easy to collect an extensive range of data that would have previously been almost impossible to collect using traditional methods.

With this new found wealth of data, Cropping will help you make better and more strategic decisions regarding your cropping and land use management.

Complete crop production recording
Extensive season & performance reporting
Auto create cropping plans with projected gross margins, break even yield and price and product requirements

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You are free to choose how you would like to use Cropping - local installation or live (Cloud hosted)



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Minimum of 12 months subscription

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Rob shares the positive delivery experience and customer support he has received while using Phoenix.

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