Phoenix on a Mac

Phoenix is a Windows application, and requires Windows to run. There are a number of ways that you can run Windows on your Mac.
  1. VIRTUAL MACHINE – There are at least three software packages available that allow the Mac user to run Windows as a virtual computer within the Mac environment. AGDATA has limited experience with VMWare Fusion, and Parallels desktop. We also know of Oracle Virtual Box.

    Parallels Version 17 runs quite seamlessly on a current model Mac. VMWare Fusion is around the same price and is also quite well respected in the community. Virtual Box is Open Source software and hence can be downloaded and installed for free.

    You will need to ensure that your Mac and virtual machine software will meet the system requirements for Windows 11. Windows 10 would also be a suitable choice.

  2. DUAL BOOT – The Mac comes with a system called BootCamp. This allows Windows to be installed as a second operating system. Under BootCamp, when you start the computer, it will ask which OS (Operating System) to launch. Then that is what it will run until you restart the computer. You will need to purchase a copy of Windows for this option also. See notes for the VM above.
  3. PHOENIX LIVEPhoenix Live operates on the cloud. The program runs on our servers in Brisbane, your computer simply acts as a terminal to that server. You may access your Phoenix Live system from any Windows PC or Mac (Even a tablet like an iPad) as long as you have a reliable internet connection available to the machine.

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