The Phoenix suite of products for accountants and consultants present a highly scalable solution providing the information and tools that you require to service the needs of your clients from the agricultural sector.

Create value and trust by recommending an industry relevant and focused solution for your clients business needs. The reports available in Phoenix largely replace clumsy spreadsheets and the extra workload you currently may be doing to gather available data.

The Phoenix Accountants and Advisors Network provides: 

  • Enough current licences for all of the computers in your office
  • Automatic updates and upgrades
  • Full access to video tutorials
  • Priority support and service
  • Access to Phoenix Live for Accountants*
  • Discounted rates for training
  • Your logo and link on our website home page
  • Listing on the "Find a Knowledgeable Phoenix Accountant" database

*Minimum of 3 clients using Phoenix Live required

Benefits for Advisors

  1. Join the Advisor Network

  2. This network is accessible for just $35 per month - complete the form below to find out more.

Who’s using Phoenix?

Andrew Rice shares his experience with Phoenix and the benefits he receives from working with a software company that understands what farm business needs are.