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Does your farming business need a Single Touch (STP) Payroll software? Businesses employing up to 20 people are required to have an enabled single touch payroll software in place.  This is a legislated requirement.  AGDATA provides an embedded single touch payroll software within Phoenix Financial Pro.  Not only is this payroll software STP compliant and superstream compliant, it is easy to use, has great automation features, is practically priced and built into the Phoenix Financial Pro environment that you may already know, use and trust.

Phoenix Payroll Software is a flexible payroll software for farmers that is available in Financial Pro completing the full suite of financial products that you need to manage your agricultural enterprises. You will appreciate the simple subscription model that only charges you per employee paid per month rather than by the total number on your payroll.  This means you only pay for who is working now, great for agricultural enterprises with seasonal fluctuations in their employee numbers.

Payroll Software Login
To log-in users must ensure that you have added your email address as a user for your Payroll Business. (ie: via Payroll Software Settings > Manage Users)

Phoenix Payroll software Features

ATO Compliance

Single Touch Payroll (STP) and Superstream enabled. STP allows you to automatically and securely report payroll information to the ATO. Superstream allows you to automate your super processing. These features all help in making your business ATO compliant.

Online Employee Portal & Mobile App

With Phoenix Payroll software your employees can maintain their personal details, submit leave, timesheets, expenses and more. They also have access on their mobile devices using the Workzone App

Pay Conditions Engine

Create your own rule sets for any award or enterprise agreement to automate your business processes and employee pay calculations.


Take the time and effort out of managing rosters with easy to build rosters, shift notifications, roster according to budget, display real time costing, compare rostered vs actual and copying rosters to another period.

Time & Attendance

Eliminate paper timesheets - recording employee start, finish and break times has never been so easy with the employee mobile app.

Automate Award Calculations

Remove manual salary calculation of pay conditions by installing a pre-packaged Modern Award for true automation of all pay rate calculations, allowances and leave accruals in Australia. Ensure your payroll is Fair Work compliant with Phoenix Payroll.

Payslip Templates

Create and customise FairWork compliant payslips that can be easily accessed.


Set up these features once and your Phoenix Payroll software will do the rest. Super payments, ATO reporting, leave calculations, termination calculations, manager notifications, employee notifications.

More Detailed Information

We get you, you're a details person - Take a deep dive into the Phoenix Payroll Software features





Active Employee/Month

Per Employee Subscription

All Phoenix Payroll Features Inc.

  • Pay Conditions Engine
  • Compliant Awards
  • Rostering
  • Time & Attendance Kiosk
  • Mobile App For Your Employees


Only pay per active employee per month, not your entire payroll.

* Prices in AUD including GST. Quarterly super processing is included. More frequent superannuation payments are charged at $0.15 per employee and per fund. Automatic email notifications to employees is an included feature at no extra cost. SMS notifications are optionally available but are charged at a rate of $0.15 per SMS if you enable SMS notifications.

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What’s an active employee?

Prices are per active employee per month. An employee will be considered ‘active’ when at least one of the following actions has been completed for that employee during a calendar month:

  • Included in a finalised pay run (even if that pay run is subsequently unlocked)
  • Has had an approved leave request
  • Has had an approved expense request
  • Has had a published roster shift
  • Has had an approved timesheet

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How To Subscribe

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Sign up from within your Financial Pro software.

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Phoenix Payroll Software FAQ's

The following FAQ's were created in response to the questions being posed during a Phoenix Payroll software webinar and questions received via the help desk.

Is Phoenix Payroll Single Touch Payroll compliant?

Yes, it is. More information can be found here:

Is Phoenix Payroll available in all levels of Financial?

No, only Financial Pro for the current Desktop Subscription and Phoenix Live.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of employees?


Payroll Software to grows as you grow or scales back as you do
How much will it cost?

$6 per paid employee per month, regardless of how many times they are paid in that month. (On top of your normal Phoenix Subscription).

How do I pay for it?

If you are paying a monthly Phoenix Subscription the Payroll charges will be applied to the following month's fee.

If you are paying an annual Phoenix Subscription, you will need to supply Credit Card details for monthly billing of any payroll charges. On the anniversary of your annual subscriptions, you will be encouraged to move to monthly payments.

Can I pay hourly rates as well as Piece (per head, kg, bin, hectare etc) rates?

Yes you can.

How can Phoenix Payroll cater for casual workers with varying hours?

Casual workers on flexible hours are handled with Timesheets - either from the WorkZone App on their device, or manually.

Can you withhold additional tax from an employees pay?

Yes, you can.

If I make a mistake in processing a pay run can I go back and correct it?

Yes, you will be able to change any mistakes you've made.

Will the pay run be able to be imported in to Financials if your financials are in a different month?

Yes, it will.

What are the benefits of using the Phoenix Payroll Software vs KeyPay directly?
  • Seamless Integration with Phoenix Financial Pro,
  • Simplified Billing - it gets added to your existing subscription,
  • Familiar support provided by the friendly staff at AGDATA,
  • Inbuilt Pastoral Award Conditions to make it easy to pay staff correctly.
I already have a KeyPay subscription, can I migrate it over to Phoenix Payroll Software?

Yes, you can. You will need to send a support ticket to the KeyPay team highlighting that you would like to move your account to Phoenix Payroll Software and the team will action this request - this process is instantaneous although the request needs to come from your 'Admin' user on the KeyPay account.

Is there a mobile App my employees can use?

Yes, WorkZone is an extension of the Employee Self Service portal, free to download on iOS and Android which will make it easy for your employees to submit their timesheets, claim expenses and apply for leave etc.

What Pay schedules are available?

Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly only. This is done to align with the ATO Tax Tables.

Payroll Software for Agriculture
What are my options for paying Super?

You will have the ability to report via your current super clearing house or you can automate your super payments with Phoenix Payroll Software.

Is Payroll integrated with a Superannuation clearing house?

Yes, Beam ( ).

Can Phoenix Payroll Software do automated pay runs?

Yes. If you have automatic payments coming out of the bank you can continue that way & Phoenix Payroll can handle the processing of the pay run, payslips & STP compliance.

Can Phoenix Payroll Software handle advances on wages?

Yes, it can.

Can Phoenix Payroll Software cater for employee's Salary Sacrifice arrangements?

Yes, it can.