Make better decisions faster with Livestock reports.

Livestock records in the agents notebook provides you with very little information that can be analysed to improve your profitability. Do you want to track and manage your livestock with ease? Want to cut down the time you spend gathering data?

Evidence based reporting

More and more you are being asked to defend your business against accusations of poor animal husbandry. Livestock management software provides you with the proof that you need to nip these myths in the bud. Most farmers provide more care to their cattle than they do themselves and with Livestock management records you can show it.

Cost of Production analysis

Livestock is your solution. You already know that farm record keeping programs recording data about your livestock and the inputs used in your production is important to your operation’s profitability. The Livestock management software enables you to collect this data efficiently and turns it into usable information that you can act on.

Performance Analysis

Up to the minute performance analysis will allow you to react quickly to changing circumstances, providing the ability to take greater advantage of good times whilst helping minimize the impact of down turns.

NLIS Compatible

Phoenix Livestock management software is compatible with all electronic tag and reading equipment on the market and connects with the NLIS Database to make your NLIS electronic tag reconciliation a simple process. 


Livestock turns your DEXA and processor kill sheet data into meaningful information where you can immediately see trait trends in what you have sent to the processor.  Make the complex - simple. Breeders and Traders will both find value in this livestock management system feature.

Import Carcase Data

Import carcase data from the files provided by processors. The files from the processors must be in csv format.

  • Each carcase record is matched on import to an animal in the Phoenix Livestock management system. The record is matched to the animal via its RFID tag.
  • Each carcase record is saved in the activity history for the relevant animal.

Analyse Carcase Data

A variety of reporting and visual analysis tools have been incorporated to assist with identifying indicators, trends and patterns within the carcase data. These include:

  • Scatter Charts
  • Radar Charts
  • Summary Reports
  • Excel export with support for Excel controls and formatting
DEXA carcase data analysis

Carcase Data Analysis Explained

Brendan discussing the new Phoenix Livestock management feature 'Carcase Data Analysis' and the benefits you should expect at the RSM Farmers Learning Lab 
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Livestock Management Software
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Livestock now comes with Grazing incorporated

Your land is a finite resource that you need to manage effectively to get the best results from your business.

Livestock with Grazing takes the hard work out of collecting data and analyzing trends. With this data you can make adjustments to your grazing system to extract the maximum productivity from your land.

In just a few minutes per month, Livestock with Grazing can help you make decisions about carrying capacity, stocking schedules, grazing rotations and paddock recovery periods to help quantify your land productivity.

Knowing if, when and what to modify in your current grazing system will make your land more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

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Analyse Grazing Performance
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Quantify Pasture Productivity
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Identify Sustainable Grazing Rotations

Subscription Pricing

You are free to choose how you would like to use Phoenix Livestock  - on your computer or live on our servers (hosted cloud)
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