Farm Budgeting with Derek Mayne

Brennan Mayne Agribusiness (BMAgBiz) is a rural consultancy firm based out of Emerald, QLD, servicing clients across the Central Queensland and beyond. Being at the top of their game for 25 years and counting, BMAgBiz provides essential support services and guidance to agricultural operations within excess of $4 billion in assets and they manage over $1 Billion in Rural Finance.

Phoenix has been an integral part of the Brennan Mayne toolkit since 1993, particularly Phoenix Budgets. “I am often forced into using Xero, Myob and Quicken at times due to client and accountant demands, but these programs are limited when it comes to composing agribusiness budgets, I often find myself pulling data from them and manually inputting it into Phoenix.” Says Derek Mayne.

Unpredictable weather patterns and commodity prices, coupled with long periods of limited cash flow, makes rural budgeting challenging, but so often paramount to the long-term sustainability of agricultural businesses. 

“For our clients that use Phoenix Financials, I can seamlessly load their actuals figures from their data into their projected budgets and as well complete the budget to actual comparisons. Phoenix Budget worktables are quite possibly the key function that gives Phoenix an edge over other budgeting tools, by giving meaningful assumptions to support the budget. Lenders need evidence of accountability and good business management.”

“The functionality of Phoenix Planning Tables gives us and our clients confidence when it comes to creating different scenarios which ultimately influence business direction based on dollars and cents, not emotion. This financial year alone we’ve helped clients secure a number of major acquisitions with the help of Phoenix Budgets to project the forecasts and complete sensitivity analyses, which in today’s environment is essential.”

BMAgBiz strives to provide the very best in financial and management solutions to Australian agribusiness. Through developing and maintaining an intimate knowledge of their client’s businesses, then applying their extensive experience, skills, connections, and resources to help the client achieve their goals and ambitions.

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