Thousands of producers trust their agribusiness to PHOENIX - find out why our products, training and support are valued by our customers below. 


It's really handy when we have audits

"We had 3 different enterprises and we all wanted access to the financials, so we could all do our end of month, Fuel Tax Credits, BAS Statements..." 

Theodore, QLD


Extremely high level of service...

"To the Agdata Team,
I just wanted to say thank you for your extremely high level of service.
I first used Phoenix when I began work as an accountant in 1996. In 2000 I convinced my now husband to transition from a written cashbook to Phoenix in readiness for GST. I have used Phoenix for his books and our books ever since. In 2006 I left public practice and started my own bookkeeping business, with predominantly clients who use Phoenix.
Over the years whenever I have had a problem or needed to contact your team, my problems or queries have been addressed with an extremely high level of service in a very efficient and timely manner.
This morning I sent a request to change our Licence name, and this was done within 40 minutes.
I realise this would be an extremely busy time for you with the release of Phoenix Payroll Business and I just wanted to acknowledge your continued commitment to your users and the consistently high level of service you provide. Congratulations and thank you to all the team for your service and commitment!
Lara Zell

Gilgandra, NSW

Always go that extra step further...

"Phoenix and AGDATA are so far above everyone else because if you've had a problem you ring them and there's always someone there to answer the phone. " 
Amanda Barwick

Warialda, NSW

An investment rather than a cost...

"It appeals to me that you've got someone on the end of the phone who can answer your questions, who understands agriculture and who understands your business." 

Long-term Phoenix User

Professional, friendly and helpful...

“I am including this letter with my application for the Phoenix Signature Service Plan as I am so appreciative of the service I have received from all the staff when I have phoned.
I would like to thank your company for the professional, friendly and so, so helpful information when-ever I have phoned. I have changed from another business program for the benefit of our accountant and ourselves; to be able to do our farm financials more easily. However it is not something I am confident in and have many questions while I am trying to find my way around it. I would like to say how much easier it has been to be able to phone for help and not to be made feel dumb or that I was wasting the consultant's time.
This is a big thing for us as we are getting older and are not as computer literate as we would like to be and if things seem too hard, it makes it all more stressful when trying to do the tasks necessary for the farm business. So, thank you so much to the several professional and friendly staff whom I have had the pleasure to speak to. It is such a delight to me when I actually GET what they are trying to explain and I am so very appreciative.
Thank you once again.”
Diane Hebberman

Poochera, South Australia


Very appropriate to needs...

"Really valuable day - raised my awareness of potential I had no idea existed. Excellent and very appropriate to needs. Sally is very considerate and patient!"
Sally Thirlstane


Easy to understand...

"Very enjoyable day, easy to listen to and understand." 
Mark and Sally

Moree, NSW

Delivery Experience

Our accounts are now a very simple situation...

"One of the things we love about Phoenix Live is the ability to give our partners in the business access remotely. So now our accountant and bank manager relationship is a very simple situation" 
Amanda Barwick

Warialda, NSW

The way everyone should be going...

"Phoenix Live is a great concept. You haven't got to worry about upgrading your programs... you must have good internet access of course, but it's the way everyone should be going I'd suggest." 

Phoenix Live User

Always improving their product...

"The fact that [Phoenix] was integrated right through and we felt that the AGDATA guys were listening to us and making changes and trying to improve their product, we decided we'd stick with [them]... What we've seen so far has been brilliant." 
Rob O'Connor

Benham Pastoral Co, TAS

One of the best decisions we have made...

"Changing to Phoenix live has been one of the best decisions we have made. Being in a family partnership it has meant each partner has direct access to current data and is able to enter any information, whether it is invoicing, accounting, or cropping plans into our data file. We are no longer shuffling backups via email to each other on a regular basis. We no longer have to be bothered about backing up or worry about losing our data if our computer crashes. All our information is accessible to us from anywhere in the world - we only need a computer and an internet connection" 
Kate Kennedy

Trangie, NSW

A big time saver...

"We have been using Phoenix Live since it was launched and found it to be a big time saver – the accountant, consultant, manager and when we are away from the farm - can all gain access to one set of books and use its many functions – from paying bills, budgeting, completing the BAS for GST and viewing the various reports. The management and operation of the business is more efficient and the chance of losing or doubling up on work does not happen anymore. Another important factor is that we can control the access as to who can change settings or view reports or budgets depending on the person. We highly recommend Phoenix Live." 
Lyn Schafferius

Rolleston, QLD


Does exactly what we want it to do without being too complex...

"Hi Mark,
I think Ian is suffering from a Grazing program addiction – what can we do to fix the problem?
His entries are so far up to date that I fear he is going out to move stock just to get more entries!!  He has never been so up to date with his paddock book records – EVER!
He is using it predominately for livestock movements, but also using the COMMENTS to enter any livestock husbandry (dip, drench etc) which we use in the reporting as well.  I know it is not designed to record the livestock husbandry, but it does exactly what we want it to do without being too complex.
We have entered the feed demands and rainfall and can see that this will all become more meaningful when we have a bit more historical data.
Thought you might appreciate the feedback.
Thanks for all your help!"
Ian & Brenda McCall

Umbercollie, QLD

Improved farm business management with Phoenix...

"I haven't looked at any other program because we don't need to. What we've got with Phoenix is fantastic... For our business we wouldn't look anywhere else because Phoenix is exactly what we need." 
Amanda Barwick

Warialda, NSW

All-round great asset to my business...

“The Phoenix program has proven for me, reliable and so very easy to use.  For many years now it has been an all-round great asset to my business, all with minimal ongoing costs!  Thank you AGDATA for a product well made.” 
Marg Jones

Kaimkillembum, QLD

Phoenix Live is the best thing since sliced bread...

While reading your latest Newsletter (September) I noticed that Phoenix was first released nearly 23 years ago in 1987, which is a long time ago. 
I knew that I had been using Phoenix for quite some time, so decided to do a category search and discovered the following:-
First started using Phoenix in April 1991 (coming on to 20 years), when the NSW Dept. of Ag. had adopted it for their Farm Cheque programme.
The first version of Phoenix I bought cost $955 exclusive (yes, before GST was even thought of).
But first I had to buy a Hard disc drive ($749 exclusive) for my Tandy computer that I was sharing with my teenage son.
How technology has changed since the Tandy. Now I use a laptop that I load into a docking station each morning running two monitors, system connected and backed up to another office  computer and running Phoenix Live which is the best thing since sliced bread!!!!!!!!
I thought Phoenix Live was pretty important, not only for online help but for constant backup. But I did not fully appreciate the importance of live backup until just recently when my laptop crashed, as within a few hours I had reinstalled Phoenix on my Office computer with one phone call and an email from AGDATA. Seriously I was more stressed out losing the laptop than I was with Phoenix.
I don’t know how long Mark Leahy has been with AGDATA, but I first met him when the Dept. of Ag. used to run three day Phoenix workshops at Yanco, and as I am now 64 years old and with our children all long gone, his online help and the others at AGDATA  is always appreciated. 
I’ve been in the Seed Industry for 20 years now and some five years ago I set up a stand-alone company called Superior Seed Co. 
I used Glenys Sawers to set up our invoicing system, again using Phoenix and it has been ideal scenario where I have been able to use identical enterprises, categories to those that I am using on the farm so the transition from running one set of books to two was relatively smooth.
The best thing about Phoenix is that AGDATA appears to extensively road test upgrades before releasing. Look at the introduction of GST, we were all freaking out right up to the last minute – but apart from the initial learning period it really was a non-event. 
Compare that to another farm planning programme that I used for about five years. It always had problems, and I’m sure in their haste to get it up and running, they never really road tested it sufficiently i.e. simple things like it wasn’t possible to have more than one crop in the same paddock etc!  It just only got more complicated when loading in aerial maps, etc and in the end I stopped using it some 15 years ago – I just didn’t need that level of stress for the few benefits I was gaining from it. 
Enough of the nostalgia trip."
Ian R. Lea

Deniliquin, NSW

A real credit to AGDATA...

“You guys do a fantastic job and the grazing module really helps managing the RCS type reports it is a real credit to you guys.” 
Steve Adams

Delivery Experience

Works on all levels...

"I was already using Phoenix but I needed to be able to use it to a different level than I had in the past. " 
Alison Napier

St Marys, TAS

The only Ag software that covers our whole production system...

"The most value that we get from Phoenix is backup support and it's great to know that you can just make a phone call and there'll be someone there to answer your questions for you." 
Scott Harlock

Bool Lagoon, SA

Time efficient for our clients as well as us, their advisors...

"Phoenix Live saves a large amount of time for our clients and ourselves. We no longer have to email data to and fro between our clients and ourselves as it is available to work on at any time. There is no possible confusion over who has done what work most recently. The client has the added security of knowing that their data can never be lost as it saved on the Phoenix Live system as well as their own computer. We endorse the program and the technology – it is time efficient for our clients as well as us, their advisors."
Derek Mayne

Brennan Mayne Agribusiness
Emerald, QLD